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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage


Industrial barcode readers track and trace food and beverage items throughout the supply chain

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Food safety and traceability laws in many regions require manufacturers to provide a trail of information that follows each food item along the supply chain. Food and beverage handlers must be able to locate an individual item and quickly trace its source “one step” back in origin and “one step” forward in destination in the case of a food safety event or recall.

In manufacturing facilities, items are marked with date/lot codes early in the production process to signify contents, origin, and date of manufacture. Date/lot codes combine 1-D symbologies and plain text to encode information about the batch and manufacturing date. Codes appear on individual packaging as well as on secondary packaging so items can be identified individually, by case, and by pallet. Manufacturing and distribution environments require fast and accurate barcode reading to keep operations running efficiently.

Cognex track-and-trace solutions assure full compliance with food safety and traceability laws by capturing an image of a code at each scan point and storing its encoded data in a central database. The In-Sight 7000 vision system with OCRMax optical character recognition (OCR) technology reads date/lot codes and stores their information in a central database that can track and trace goods throughout the supply chain, in case unsafe goods must be diverted or destroyed.

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