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Cognex vision provides 100% in-line monitoring of the assembly process using gauging tools that calculate CPK measurements

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OLED manufacturers use gauging tools to determine the accuracy of their alignment tasks and to assess repeatability. Machine vision can provide 100% in-line monitoring of the OLED assembly process and calculate “co-efficient of process performance” measurements (CPK measurement). CPK measurement works at any stage of production, allowing OEMs to adjust upstream variables to reduce error.

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In OLED display module assembly, CPK measurement and gauging occur after lamination and bonding. This type of gauging involves re-locating the key features of two bonded or laminated parts.

Cognex provides gauging tools for CPK measurement with both its In-Sight vision systems and AlignPlus solutions. In-Sight systems and AlignPlus gauge the alignment accuracy of parts based on specific features that do not have to be in the camera’s field of view. These capabilities support 100% in-line CPK measurement, helping OEMs catch errors before they spread and eliminating the need for separate off-line inspection stations.

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