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Consumer Electronics

OLED Display Gauging Alignment

Accurate and fast object location helps eliminate defects

OLED Gauging Alignment

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Advanced Multi-Camera Alignment

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Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) rely on ultrasonic testing to gauge the thickness of a substrate’s coating on an OLED display module. Prior to testing, the head of the gauging robot or machine needs to align with pre-determined, fixed points on the glass display. This requires robust, accurate, and fast object location as well as high-precision calibration of the camera’s coordinate system with that of the motion system. The use of machine vision for this initial alignment task is critical to help display manufacturers limit defects and maintain yields.

The Cognex AlignSight alignment sensor offers an easy-to-use, single camera alternative to multi-camera alignment without sacrificing precision. Automated motion-vision calibration launches with a click of a button and eliminates the need for extensive vision programming. Industry-leading PatMax vision tools locates trained patterns no matter the size, rotation, or location of the target part so the gauging robots begin their job on the same location of the OLED display every time. Integrated lighting, lens, camera, and processor in a compact sensor body saves space in constrained environments.

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