Transport Tray Identification

Image-based barcode readers provide faster and more accurate code reading on stacks of trays

Cognex In-Sight Red Light Automotive Tray Inspection

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Transport trays play a key role by tracking the movement of components throughout the automotive supply chain. Such a diverse production and distribution network requires precise control and reliable code reading for transport tray identification. 1-D and 2-D codes provide the trays with a unique identity. Each batch of individual parts are tracked to ensure the correct part arrives at the correct location. To achieve this, it is necessary to read the tray labels at regular intervals. Fully automated traceability often replaces operators, who read the codes manually, with handheld scanners. The code reader updates the location of the transport tray, which correlates to the location of the parts in the logistics delivery system.

Speedy Code Reading

A Cognex® In-Sight® high-resolution ID reader reads individual codes on tall stacks of trays within a few milliseconds. The reader first identifies the location of the codes in the stack, identifies the code type, and provides the code data to the logistics system. Stack height is also calculated to ensure that every tray has been read by the reader. The code on the bottom of the stack serves as the master code to identify the entire stack at other inspection points.

Cognex DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers are significantly faster than a manual handheld reader and eliminate the potential for the same code being read multiple times and codes being missed.
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