Coating Width Gauging

Machine vision measures electrode coatings to ensure they meet width requirements

Electrode EV Battery Coating Width Gauging

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After an electrode has been roll pressed and dried, lithium-ion cell manufacturers must measure the exact dimensions of the aluminum and copper coating. This process requires locating the boundaries of the film, insulator, and cathode and anode. After slitting the ends of the rolled electrode coating, it is necessary to measure the width of the coating to ensure the electrode sheets have been cut into equal widths. Electrode manufacturers use machine vision tools to determine the accuracy of their coating process and to assess repeatability. Machine vision can provide 100% in-line monitoring of the electrode coating process, allowing manufacturers to adjust upstream variables to reduce error.

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Cognex Industrial Area Scan Cameras (CIC) can differentiate between the electrode, insulator, and aluminum or copper coating. Using VisionPro software, manufacturers can stably gauge the coating measurements to ensure they meet tight tolerances for performance. This helps manufacturers catch errors before they spread, eliminates the need for separate off-line inspection stations, and reduces changeover time.

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