2D Code Reading

Barcode readers identify components at the marking, winding and stacking, and assembly stages

EV Battery Assembly 2D Code Reading

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The copper poles on an electrode cell sheet are laser-marked with 2D DataMatrix codes for traceability. Later in the production process, after the winding or stacking process is complete, EV battery cell sheets must be read again to verify their assembly. The reflective quality of the cell sheets creates readability problems which can challenge track-and-trace operations during the marking, winding and stacking, and assembly stages.

EV Battery Marking

Cognex image-based barcode readers provide a powerful barcode reading solution for zone routing systems. DataMan 370's imaging technology, high-resolution sensor, and advanced decoding algorithms deliver industry-leading read rates under these tough conditions.

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Winding and Stacking

All electrode cell sheets are read in the line between marker and stacking station. At the stacking station, the final cell sheet stacked is marked with a different code. The DataMan 370 reads the top sheet on the cell sandwich to ensure it is the correct one and to verify that all cell sheets are stacked correctly. DataMan 370’s innovative imaging technology handles process variation. Patented decoding algorithms ensure continuously high read rates, regardless of printing quality or surface, and easily handle the stacking process’ high-speed 70 millisecond cycle time.


Cylinder-type batteries are printed with multiple 2D codes on their sides so that at least one of them will be read by a reader mounted beside the conveyor. They are randomly positioned on the conveyor with different rotations and angles. The DataMan 370 is able to quickly read one of the codes, no matter its angle or position, as it moves along the conveyor. At the assembly stage, cylindrical batteries roll along the conveyor line, where again the DataMan 370 is able to read at least one of the codes at high speed.

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