Cognex Designer and ViDi Standard

The Cognex Designer and ViDi Deep Learning Standard class teaches the standard topics of how to create a vision application with the Cognex Designer programming environment which includes a built in HMI user interface.  This class also gives students an introduction to the first ready-to-use deep learning-based software dedicated to industrial image analysis. Cognex ViDi Suite is a field-tested, optimized and reliable software solution based on a state-of-the-art set of algorithms in machine learning.

This class gives new users an overview of the hardware and software used by Cognex Designer to quickly and efficiently program the system for automated vision inspections. With the focus on understanding image acquisition basics as well as core vision tools, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application using programming best practices of the Cognex Designer interface. 


Cognex’s Education Services has been recognized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as an Accredited provider of CEUs.

Participants will earn 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after successful completion of this training event provided they are an active participant throughout the training event, and are in attendance for 100% of the training event’s designated training hours.


At the end of this training event, participants will be able to:

  • Connect to the image source (camera or image database) and capture an image
  • Implement a pattern recognition tool to locate a feature in the FOV
  • Analyze an image for the presence/absence of a part using a Histogram tool
  • Create a custom user interface accessible from other devices, including status indicators, results and controls to view and affect the vision application
  • Configure a blob tool that will find blobs in a designated grey range
  • Identify applications where Caliper and Geometry tools may be part of the vision solution
  • Create and configure a calibration routine using the CalibNPointNPoint tool
  • Setup an OCRMax tool to read characters
  • Determine how to utilize the components in a Cognex Designer application
  • Outline how Cognex Designer controls communication
  • Employ utilities available to deploy the Cognex Designer system
  • Discuss different lighting techniques
  • Recognize the underlying concepts of AI as applicable to ViDi
  • Identify the System and Licensing requirements to run ViDi on your computer
  • Demonstrate how to setup the ViDi tool
  • Configure a Red tool in Supervised and Unsupervised Mode
  • Configure a Blue tool to locate parts
  • Configure a Green tool to classify parts
  • Run multiple tools in series for complex inspections
  • Integrate ViDi into a Visual Studio Application

Connaissance de l'environnement Microsoft Windows®

Un guide d'aide à la programmation C # sera fourni pour certains sujets de cours.

  1. Introduction et acquisition d'images
  2. Séquences et programmation
  3. IHM
  4. Outils de vision
  5. Minuteries et registres à décalage
  6. Entrée et sortie
  7. Déploiement
  8. Introduction à l'apprentissage en profondeur ViDi
  9. Outil rouge (analyse)
  10. Outil Blue (Locate)
  11. Outil bleu (lecture)
  12. Outil Vert (Classifier)
  13. Chaînage d'outils
  14. Intégration Designer


La formation est réalisée en présentiel lors d'une formation en classe et distanciel lors d'une version en ligne.

Les cours sont dispensés à l'aide de supports Powerpoint

Les stagiaires seront évalués à l'aide de quiz et de travaux pratiques



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