L'innovativa tecnologia DataMan 470 offre la massima copertura, velocità e facilità d'uso.

Advanced Image Formation

High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging uses the latest CMOS image sensor technology which is 16 times more detailed than conventional sensors. HDR takes advantage of the extra available image data to globally enhance image quality and contrast.

HDR+ is an advanced algorithm that stretches the boundaries of HDR technology by further increasing localized contrast changes automatically. This creates a more uniformed image in a single acquisition allowing greater depth-of-field, faster line speeds, and improved handling of difficult codes.

1DMax avec Hotbars

Hotbars 1d code reading example

1DMax® avec Hotbars® est un algorithme et une technologie de lecture de codes 1D, optimisés pour la lecture omnidirectionnelle de codes-barres, qui peut lire les codes dix fois plus vite qu'un lecteur imageur classique.

2DMax avec PowerGrid

2DMax read on metal ring

2DMax® avec PowerGrid® est un algorithme et une technologie de lecture de codes 2D révolutionnaires, conçus pour lire les codes 2D, même lorsque le motif de localisation, le motif de base et la zone de silence sont très endommagés ou absents.

High-Resolution Sensor

High Resolution Sensor scanning size vs conventional sensor

DataMan 470’s high-resolution sensor enables greater field-of-view and depth-of-field coverage than other readers. It reads large and small codes form various angles, including high density 2D DPM codes.

Liquid Lens Technology

Liquid Lens focus ability chart

DataMan 470 is equipped with liquid lens (autofocus) technology to allow the reader to adapt to changes in working distances for greater depth-of-field range. Unlike traditional zoom lenses, liquid lenses do not have any moving parts that can wear out or fail.

Multi-Reader Sync

Multi-Reader Sync for tunnel scanning

A multi-reader sync option is available to allow multiple DataMan 470 readers to synchronize for extended field-of-view or for multi-side scanning. The parent reader collects data from the child readers and communicates the overall result to the control system.

Performance Feedback

Performance Feedback to identify trends and chart throughput

Cognex Explorer Real Time Monitoring (RTM) technology provides actionable insights in easy-to-use dashboards in the DataMan Setup Tool to help diagnose and resolve barcode issues. RTM can track and grade the quality of barcode images and provide valuable process control metrics across an entire facility.



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