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Webscan Series Barcode Verifiers

Webscan, Inc., acquired by Cognex Corporation, makes 1D, 2D, and DPM barcode verifiers

Barcode verification is the process of grading the quality of barcodes. Barcode verifiers capture an image of a barcode, analyze several quality parameters to calculate a quality grade, and generate a report demonstrating compliance with industry standardization guidelines.

Webscan TruCheck Optima

The TruCheck Optima handheld verifier works with all your 1D and 2D barcode symbols. With its integrated illumination, compact size, and three-inch-wide field-of-view, the TruCheck Optima is easy to move across a web of labels, single code, or object.

Webscan TruCheck Omni

The TruCheck Omni™ has an extra-large field of view (up to 6 inches wide) and super high resolution. You can select multiple regions within your image to verify every barcode on a blister card or several barcodes on a shipping label all at once.

Webscan TruCheck Rover

The TruCheck Rover provides complete verification in a portable device using integrated lighting, a rechargeable battery, and touchscreen. ISO compliant 1D, 2D, and DPM verification and diagnostic tools without any connection to a PC or other host computer.

Webscan TruCheck FlexHite DPM

The TruCheck FlexHite™ DPM provides a choice of 45-degree lighting for ISO 15415 or AIM DPM-2006/ISO TR 29158 (45, 30 or 90), making it perfect for virtually any direct part marking application, including dot-peen and laser-etched UID and UDI symbols.

The adjustable height of this system makes it perfect for verifying symbols even when they are recessed or otherwise hard to reach with other verifiers. Simply place your part under the camera head and adjust the height with the manual turn-wheel while the software detects the laser positioning indicator for perfect focus.

Webscan FlexHite Dome

Integrated dome and 90-degree illumination provide ideal lighting for curved and reflective surfaces. The adjustable height stand design with a laser focus indicator makes it easy to position tricky cylindrical parts in the ideal location for verification.

Webscan TruCheck DPM Tower

Avec son champ de vision de 60 mm de large, son indicateur de mise au point laser et sa hauteur qui lui permet d’accueillir des pièces jusqu’à 30 cm de haut, le TruCheck DPM Tower n’a rien à envier à son petit frère, le TruCheck FlexHite DPM. Le modèle Tower offre les mêmes angles d’éclairage que le TruCheck 2D DPM et le TruCheck FlexHite DPM : 30, 45 et 90°.



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