3 Ways to Leverage 3D Technology In Logistics

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 In logistics, the demand for automation is rising due to growth in e-commerce and changing customer expectations. For companies to keep up with these conditions, they need to incorporate the latest innovations that will help them deliver to customers faster.  

This is where 3D technology comes into play. 3D machine vision, such as Cognex’s 3D-A1000, is a camera system that captures and processes data from all three dimensions.  

Within logistics, 3D can not only automate processes such as dimensioning, item detection, and presence/absence, but it can also increase throughput, improve process efficiency, and ensure order accuracy. In addition, unlike 2D, 3D technology is adaptable to ever-changing packaging, graphics, and artwork. 

Here are 3 innovative ways to leverage 3D technology in logistics.  

1. Side-by-Side Detection: This feature of 3D technology detects when items are unintentionally placed next to each other or on top of each other, and accidentally counted as one item instead of two. This can cause a customer to receive multiple items or no order at all, which can be extremely costly. Detecting side-by-side situations is important for ensuring no inventory is lost, preventing    mis-sorts and incorrect or delayed shipments, and reducing manual rework. This type of detection can also correctly identify multi-packs such as a pack of soda bottles or a split-top box containing multiple items.  

 Side by side detection

2.Tote Fill: This application tracks and measures tote fill height and volume, which allows customers to maximize the usage of their totes, ensure no products or equipment is damaged, and verify the contents of totes. Totes are useful for order fulfillment, to move goods around facilities, or for storage. However, many logistics companies need to automate the use of totes to ensure they’re used properly, which is why they rely on 3D technology.   

Order fulfillment - Maximizing tote utilization

3.Label Placement Verification: Ensuring that labels are properly placed on packages is crucial to accurate order fulfillment. 3D technology can measure where a label or marking is placed on a  package and detect where the label is overhanging. Accurate label detection and verification allows logistics companies to ship readable labels, avoid production line delays, and reduce manual work.  

Clear spot label placement

For more information on 3D solutions for logistics, view our on-demandwebinar or download these datasheets on the 3D-A1000 for Dimensioningor Item Detection.. 


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