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DataMan with Hotbars easily outperforms competitors in barcode reading

Shanghai Zhouji Electric manufacturing using row cognex dataman inspect sheet

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Shanghai Zhouji Electric Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise which is committed to automation construction within the tire enterprise. The tire enterprise needs to use vulcanization label for tracing management of each tire and comprehensive tracking, its main way is to attach a 1D of label bar code to the radius of the tire within any range, the code is very small, the density is usually between 6 to 10 mil, and the corresponding tire inner diameter, namely the range which may exist in the bar code is mostly more than 800 mm, the contrast is very strong. The direction and location exist in the range of 360 degrees, thus it can be seen that the direction of visual field is considerable. The outer diameter of the truck's lorry tire is 1300 mm, and the inner diameter is about 900 mm, therefore, this project has very large FOV! However, the completion of tracing the tire is an important link of MES system in the enterprise, and the customer needs bar code of the product which can accurately read any angle in the process of movement. As OEM of this project, Zhouji must provide all plans including hardware and software for the customer, his is a turnkey project!

Because Zhouji needs to ensure accurate recognition, before that, they have already used Matrix410 of Datalogic for 5 years; they have extremely strict requirements before determining to use Cognex ID readers.

The Hotbars technology owned by fixed reader can not only deal with the large vision of the customer, but also express superior performance in competition with Datalogic: the vision field made by 7pcs can be covered by 8 devices of Datalogic! In addition, DataMan provides many flexible features, such as automatic zoom technology, C interface lens options, different trigger modes and self-defining data formation, it has realized the read rate of 99.95% by means of decoding algorithm of the patent!

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