Vision Sensors lens with check and x pass fail examples

Introducción a los sensores de visión

What are Sensors

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Sensors are faster than human inspectors, more objective, and work continuously

There are a number of ways to extract data from a production line. In factory automation, sensors are used in work cells to gather data for inspection or to trigger other devices. These sensors fall into multiple categories: photoelectric, fiber optic, proximity, ultrasonic, and vision are the most common.

All factory automation sensors are fast, with multiple readings per second required for most applications. Data output is typically binary, and results are delivered as:
  • Yes/No
  • Present/Absent
  • Pass/Fail

In some cases, sensors provide simple measurement outputs, though they are not designed for precision and accuracy. Most sensors typically support several communications protocols in order to communicate with upstream and downstream equipment and notify systems whether a part is present or passes inspection.

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