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Real Time Monitoring

Improve efficiency and throughput with performance feedback

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Barcode reading technology is one of the greatest producers of data in factory automation and logistics, quickly becoming a valuable asset for producers and distributors in an Industry 4.0 environment. For facilities which rely on barcode reading specifically, a wealth of untapped information exists at each scan point. Laser scanning systems cannot detect label issues or provide real-time performance feedback. This leaves facility managers lacking relevant information to make decisions about operational improvements.

Cognex Explorer Real Time Monitoring (RTM) technology provides actionable insights in an easy-to-use interface to help customers review data trends, and diagnose and resolve barcode issues. It can collect and grade the quality of barcode images and provide valuable process control metrics over time across an entire facility.

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This powerful, data-driven approach enables facility managers to monitor performance and implement corrective actions to achieve higher read rates and peak productivity.

  • Track read rates over time with a performance overview dashboard
  • Monitor barcode grading quality with 1-D and 2-D process control metrics
  • Collect and review images for immediate visual feedback and photographic proof of errors
  • Manage the impact of barcode reader configuration changes with the ability to see an audit trail

A light version of RTM (RTM Lean) is included with DataMan barcode readers in the Cognex Setup Tool. Try RTM today to learn how it can help diagnose and resolve issues in your facility.

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