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3D Vision Solutions for Automotive Applications

In manufacturing, operating at high speeds while maintaining or increasing quality is key to staying competitive. The automotive industry has tied speed to cost since the very first assembly line. With the speed of modern production lines, a few minutes may mean the difference between millions of dollars of profit and millions of dollars of loss. 

As vehicles become more complex, connected, and regulated, it is imperative that automotive manufacturers inspect processes and materials to protect their customers while avoiding bottlenecks to protect their business. Fortunately, smart cameras and advanced software can work together to solve these challenges. The following examples show how automotive inspection systems integrate 3D machine vision solutions to meet specific requirements and improve manufacturing quality.    

Tire Inspection

Tire manufacturers face a multitude of challenges. Tire inspection involves detecting web, overlap, and other defects. Inspecting complex geometries and heights can be difficult for 2D vision systems, especially when detecting black features on a black rubber surface. To capture imperfections accurately and repeatedly, the automotive industry needs 3D solutions.

3D-L4000 camera scanning rubber splice for defects and software screenshot of inspection

Developed with Simplicity in Mind

Compact 3D imaging solutions must be easy-to-use and offer software that in-house technicians can simply integrate, manage, and maintain. In a real-world tire inspection application, the Cognex In-Sight 3D-L4000 vision system detects defects in the tire layers. The smart camera works seamlessly with In-Sight software, enabling technicians to quickly set up tools and planes. The software then determines every pixel above and below set planes and presents features and defects with linear measurements in an intuitive user interface. Technicians make changes using the In-Sight spreadsheet programming environment and perform maintenance easily with the In-Sight 3D-L4000’s true 3D edge, blob, and height tools.



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