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Steven Douglas Corp. | Customer Success Story

The automotive industry is fiercely competitive, driving manufacturers to adopt innovative ways of reducing costs while adhering to strict quality and safety standards. Maintaining high throughput has become a critical business imperative, and some manufacturing processes can introduce speedbumps and opportunities for error.

An automotive component manufacturer approached Steven Douglas Corp., (SDC) an industrial machinery builder, to overcome similar problems. The company wanted to automate aspects of the ignition coil manufacturing process to prevent costly errors and rework. The machine needed to identify the location of a lead wire, guide it into the assembly, inspect the component, and catch any potential issues in real time.

This paper explores how Cognex's In-sight vision systems enabled SDC to build a compact machine capable of:

  • Locating different gauges of wire
  • Guiding them into a complex winding assembly
  • Inspecting the assembly for potential defects.


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