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Machine Vision Verifies Labeling Language

Reconcile Engineering Packaging 5705 series inspection

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A vision sensor inspects label text for accuracy

Manufacturers have zero-tolerance for faulty packaging. Products cannot arrive with the wrong information, with missing print, in the wrong language or even with a misaligned label. Suppliers need to be sure of the content in every product leaving their premises. This demands a 100% reliable packaging inspection system. With this in mind, many media clients turn to Dublin, Ireland-based Reconcile Engineering for inspection solutions that won’t let them down.

Reconcile Engineering is a leader in the development of CD/DVD and packaging inspection systems. Their label inspection and reconciliation systems can be found in many high-speed automatic packaging lines in major optical media manufacturers throughout the world. In addition to providing quality packaging inspection equipment, Reconcile assists customers in the reconciliation of their production lines and designs tailor-made solutions for labelling and inspection.

Vision sensors solve new class of inspection

One of the challenges faced by Reconcile came from a leading CD manufacturer, who needed to verify that the correct language was present on every CD inlay. Mix-ups could cause costly recalls and delays. The customer also wanted to verify that the inlay cards were properly aligned and oriented in the right direction. This application would not have been possible with photoelectric technology, as other costly alternatives involved multiple sensors.

Cognex vision sensors are particularly useful in packaging applications because they are able to synchronize part rejection on variable speed lines using encoder counts to accurately track flawed packages between the inspection and rejection points. A vision sensor’s ability to determine what it is seeing allows it to precisely determine output at the proper encoder position for each piece.

A Cognex vision sensor proved very powerful in determining the text patterns printed on the CD boxes and was retrofitted onto the printing line by Reconcile engineers. The installation was complete within 2 hours. Today, printing mix-ups are successfully detected and quickly rectified.

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