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Integrate In-Sight into any Automation System

Integrating In-Sight® vision systems into your existing automation control system is easy with Cognex Connect, the most comprehensive suite of communications capabilities ever available in a vision system.

Whether you’re connecting In-Sight directly to a PLC or robot controller or managing multiple In-Sight vision systems remotely from a networked PC or HMI, Cognex Connect assures a seamless reliable communications link between In-Sight and all of your equipment on the factory floor.

Any PLC or Fieldbus Device

Cognex Connect includes support for the most commonly used open-standard Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus communications protocols for trouble-free connection to PLCs and a wide range of automation devices from Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Siemens and other manufacturers. Discrete I/O and serial protocols are available to support older PLCs and devices without network connectivity.


Any Robot

Cognex Connect ensures that In-Sight vision systems can communicate with any make or model of robot used in your plant. Pre-configured drivers, ready-to-use templates and sample code are available for robots by ABB, Denso, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka, Motoman and Staubli. Communication with robots by Mitsubishi, Adept, Epson and many other manufacturers is also supported.

Any PC or HMI

Support for standard TCP/IP Ethernet protocols and a simple point-and-click configuration interface included with every In-Sight system make it easy to configure and maintain all of your vision systems from any PC on the network, and to archive data and images to a file server.

If you need to integrate inspection images, quality data, and interactive controls into your own operator interface, Cognex Connect gives you an array of visualization options:

  • The In-Sight Display Control embeds an In-Sight image and CustomView display in your .NET or ActiveX compatible custom application, or a PC-based HMI/SCADA system from Rockwell, WonderWare, Citect and others. Windows® CE operating system is not supported.
  • The In-Sight OPC Server allows you uplink In-Sight data to your HMI displays, SPC systems, plant supervisory systems, and even Microsoft Excel to monitor operations and record statistical data.
  • The In-Sight SDK allows systems integrators to create a custom user interface for managing your In-Sight vision systems, tailored to your exact requirements


Integrating a vision system shouldn’t require you to change your equipment or learn a new automation system. In-Sight and Cognex Connect give you the best of both worlds—an unbeatable combination of a high performance vision system that works with the equipment you already have.


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