Brake Valve Component Inspection

Vision systems automate inspection, substantially improve quality

Cognex vision guided robot arm for vehicle brake assembly inspection

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Maintaining quality is a key challenge when manufacturing critical electronic brake valve components. Each part must be individually scrutinized to eliminate defects and product recalls. Assemblies may have missing, loose or damaged components. Manual inspectors are not always able to find all of the defects and meet strict safety quality standards.

Maintain Tough Quality Standards

Automation enables quality safety standards to be met and maintained. Typically, a robot is used to pick up a brake valve and place it within the field of view of a vision system. Once the vision system inspects each part, it sends result information to the robot control system. If a defect is found, the robot picks up the defective part and sorts by defect type for re-work.

Because the robot is able to manipulate the brake valve and present it to a vision system, the entire part can be inspected. The robot and vision system also provide flexibility to adjust for new parts. A user is able to teach the robot and vision system to manipulate and inspect new valve designs. Brake valve component inspection minimizes the chance of defective parts and product recalls.
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