Damage Detection

Maintain line efficiency by automatically detecting damage to boxes

Cognex’s 3D-A1000 captures an image of a box to identify damage, including a dent and a bulge.

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Detecting damage to boxes is challenging when you have thousands of items of various sizes, types, and designs moving through your facility daily. If companies are not paying attention to the condition of boxes and the products inside them, they put brand reputation and customer satisfaction at risk.

If a damaged box makes it all the way through your facility and is labeled and allocated to a certain delivery location, it becomes more difficult to backtrack and re-route that item since it will have to be repackaged, relabeled, and rerouted. This can be detrimental to traceability and line efficiency.

Not only will damaged boxes slow down your facility, but they can also cause jammed conveyors and delayed ASRS processes.

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The 3D-A1000 dimensioning system with damage detection, featuring a 3D and 2D camera system, automatically detects damage to boxes, such as open flaps, dents, bulges, or crushed parts. The system eliminates manual re-routing, accelerates early intervention of damaged boxes, and keeps the line moving efficiently.

By capturing 3D images of multiple sides of a box, the system can determine if the box contains any damage or attribute that is not cuboidal and does not match the expected shape of a box. The system then flags the damaged areas, allowing the box to be removed or rerouted so the damage can be assessed.

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