2D Code Reading on Battery Cells

Reliably read multiple direct part mark codes using image-based barcode readers

Battery code reading

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As a smartphone battery is produced it is laser etched with a 2D barcode to provide source and batch traceability from OEM supplier to final finished product. These barcodes must be read quickly and reliably in large numbers. The most effective method is to scan multiple batteries simultaneously using a high-resolution camera with a large field of view (FOV).

Such direct part mark (DPM) codes can have low contrast, and often suffer damage and deformation. Combined with the reflectivity of the battery surface, they can be difficult to read accurately, particularly at the speeds required.

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Cognex DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers are the ideal solution for deciphering 2D DPM codes on metal parts. The high-resolution camera captures images on high-speed production lines while the 2DMax barcode reading algorithm combined with PowerGrid technology reliably reads all types of 2D codes, even if the code is damaged, occluded, or missing vital elements. Plus, high dynamic range (HDR) technology increases image contrast and readability to maximize read rates even on the most challenging codes.

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