Patient Information Leaflet Confirmation

Ensure that there is an instructional leaflet in each kit

Machine vision system inspecting box of vials for leaflet

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Vaccine package inserts, or product information leaflets, containing regulatory information required by the clinical user are an important element in vaccine kits. The leaflet includes the product name, description of its use, indications, and other essential mandated information. A missing leaflet will lead to a recall.

Vaccine kit manufacturers use an automated inspection process to check that there is one and only one leaflet in the packaging, and that it is the correct size, to ensure that the correct leaflet has been inserted. This application is surprisingly difficult for traditional machine vision due to the unpredictable placement of the insert, how it appears to the camera, and the confusing background of the filled container.

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Under ideal lighting conditions and predictable orientations, conventional machine vision can accurately confirm leaflet placement. However, under more challenging conditions of lighting and orientation Cognex AI-enabled technology is a more reliable tool for identifying and locating the vaccine product information insert. The leaflet can end up on top of or between the vials, in a variety of places and angles. Regardless of orientation, AI-based solutions are able to distinguish between the contrast between the paper color of the leaflet and the colored tops of the vials or ampoules. To complete this task, the locate tool is trained on a sample set of labeled “good” images and marks any images outside of the acceptable range as defective.

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