Pallet Scanning

Scan multiple codes on pallet labels to speed processing

Image-based barcode reader scanning pallets of laundry detergent

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After production is complete, consumer packaged goods (CPG) are boxed and palletized for transportation. Machine vision-enabled pallet scanning systems register pallets leaving the factory and route them to the correct warehouse or distribution center. These systems often confront a pallet of boxes which contains multiple barcodes, barcodes obscured by reflective shrinkwrap, or labels damaged during transport. All of these scenarios can confound a traditional barcode reader, causing a “no-read” event. Poor lighting conditions and reading codes at varying heights can also slow down processing.

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Cognex image-based barcode readers scan pallets as easily as boxes under challenging warehouse conditions. With their large depth-of-field and ability to read multiple symbologies, fixed-mount barcode readers capture a pallet label quickly and accurately, even when it is surrounded by other labels. Cognex readers decode even the most damaged, distorted, blurred, or low-contrast label-based barcodes, delivering industry-leading 99.9% read rates. Polarized lighting options enhance the readability of codes covered by shrink wrap or other reflective coverings.

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