seal inspection

Safeguard the integrity of primary and secondary packaging

Seal Inspection of pre-prepared meals

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Seal integrity is critical to ensure food and beverage packages are contaminant-free. The cost of product recalls or returns caused by contamination, spoilage, or foreign materials can be significant. Seal inspection is notoriously challenging using conventional vision systems due to changes in appearance of defects and the high amount of possible failure modes that can occur when sealing products. Shifts in particle size, contrast variations and random defects that differ in appearance, lead to high rejection of good product or potentially dangerous products being shipped to customers. Rule-based vision systems struggle to adjust to the changes and cannot classify or quantify the specific reasons the seal failed.

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Cognex AI-enabled solutions reliably identify foreign matter, void seals, contamination, and a host of other issues that can impact a product seal. With 100% visual inspection, operator errors are eliminated, and efficiency is optimized. AI-based technology can take this a step further by highlighting the issues in real time, allowing operators or machines to clearly point out the issue and later categorize the problem.

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