Chip Positioning and Alignment Measurement

Accurately detect the skew of individual chips in a tray

Chip positioning and alignment skew

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Integrated circuit (IC) chips are transferred in JEDEC trays with standard spacing that enables automated pick and place machines to dimensionally locate and pick up components. Despite the matrix arrangement, robots can occasionally overextend or fail to release the part cleanly, leaving chips skewed in their cells. This misalignment can cause trouble downstream when it comes time for another robot to pick up the IC device for the next phase of assembly. This type of skew can be difficult to accurately detect with 2D machine vision.

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Cognex 3D laser displacement sensors provide a high-speed, high-resolution 3D representation of every chip in a large tray and detects any variation for proper seating with micron-level accuracy. Once identified, the system sends the measurement information back to the PLC or robot to adjust and accurately pick up a skewed or misaligned chip.

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