Cognex Vision Library is compatible with versions of VisionPro software up to VisionPro 9.x.

High-performance C++ class library of Cognex vision tools

Cognex Vision Library (CVL) is designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) build the widest range of machine vision applications with ultimate flexibility. CVL allows developers to write their own vision tools, configure multi-threading, and access all tool properties and options.

Cognex Vision Library

Take control of your operating systems

With CVL, users get proven, reliable Cognex vision tools and the freedom to build the widest range of machine vision applications including guidance, inspection, gauging, and identification.

Deployed by the world’s top machine builders and OEMs

CVL is designed for OEMs and advanced vision systems developers in mind. Extensive C++ class libraries and user controls fully integrate CVL software into OEM and capital equipment machines.

Integrated, universal communications and image acquisition

With CVL, users get robust vision software on any industrial camera or frame grabber. Cognex acquisition technology supports all types of image capture: analog, digital, color, monochrome, area scan, line scan, high resolution, multi-channel, and multiplexed. In addition, Cognex supports hundreds of industrial cameras and video formats covering the complete range of acquisition requirements typically used in machine vision. Get fast, integrated image acquisition using Cognex Industrial Cameras (CIC), GigE Vision, Camera Link, or frame grabbers.



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