Performance Feedback and Code Quality Analysis

Barcode quality metrics improve process control and minimize gaps in essential tracking data

DataMan production line barcode reading on perfume bottles

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Regulators require manufacturers to track and log barcode quality statistics on every product. A dip in reading performance can grind production and distribution lines to a halt and create gaps in essential tracking data.

Cognex image-based barcode readers provide exceptional feedback on every code they read. DataMan barcode readers provide real time performance feedback, flagging issues such as system malfunctions or configuration changes, to restore peak performance quickly. Readers aggregate data from each scan point, allowing facility managers to monitor performance and implement corrective actions to achieve higher read rates and peak productivity. Software collects and grades the quality of barcode images and provides valuable process control metrics across an entire facility. No-read images are archived for image analysis later, where they can be used to pinpoint errors upstream.

Key benefits include:
  • Ensures code quality and compliance with industry and application standards
  • Barcode verifiers capture images and generate reports to demonstrate compliance with industry guidelines
  • Automatically locates all readers on the network for fast setup
  • Image offload and storage for no-read events
  • In-line code quality grading detects print degradation
  • Web-enabled HMI can be accessed and controlled anywhere in the facility
  • Stores images for audits, tracking, and monitoring code marking systems
  • Flags no-reads and scanning failures for process control optimization
  • Transmits code data from all scan points to the MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
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