Material Quality Inspection

Inspect materials for defects and inconsistencies in size, shape, color, and texture with machine vision

Material Quality Inspection Camera Identifies Rip

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The consumer products industry is embracing machine vision to safeguard the quality of its materials. Scrap, defective product, and other waste can have devastating effects on a manufacturer’s bottom line. Machine vision systems help them prevent losses and preserve their product integrity by inspecting materials for contamination and foreign objects.

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Vision systems positioned on conveyors can detect any contaminants, like foreign objects, early. The In-Sight 7000 vision system inspects materials and rejects those with nonconforming presentations before they flow down the line. The system provides convenient, in-line quality inspection to achieve nearly 100% fault detection, while reducing the number of false rejects generated. By removing contaminants from the supply chain during the material handling stage, consumer products manufacturers can eliminate risks posed to consumers, minimize recall liability, and dramatically reduce the amount of defective product and waste generated further down the line.

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