Print Quality Verification

Detect printing problems in transparent packaging over confusing backgrounds

Vision system inspecting a product with clear packaging

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Transparent packaging, such as plastic cases, that allows for visibility of the contents must have anything printed on it inspected to ensure print quality and accuracy. The visible contents, such as electronic or mechanical parts, are often high contrast, with many confusing edges and shadows.

Printing smudges, distortions, and gaps need to be detected to prevent low-quality packaging from being shipped, particularly when the errors are in the logo, required hazardous waste notices, and other crucial packaging information.

Even the human eye has trouble distinguishing the packaging print from the package contents. Conventional machine vision is often unable to do so, and so cannot further detect errors in package printing. Given the wide range of possible backgrounds and errors, it is difficult to predict all possibilities and program for them.

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Cognex AI-based technology quickly and easily identifies anomalies during packaging print inspection. It trains on a set of images of good package printing over a range of possible content backgrounds. The defect detection tool then instantly detects any printing errors, even against complex and changing package contents.

If packaging design changes, the defect detection tool retrains on a set of images of the new packaging and can be deployed quickly without significant downtime.


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