RTV Glue Bead Seal Inspection

Ensure seal integrity with automated room-temperature vulcanizing inspection

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Room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone is a type of rubber used to create a seal between two surfaces to prevent a leak while under compression in an engine. It is critical that a consistent and correct amount of RTV is dispensed to prevent oil and coolant leaks to minimize potential recalls. Manual visual inspection of RTV does not always provide the accuracy needed to verify that the correct amount has been dispensed.

Cognex machine vision systems provide a flexible solution for RTV glue bead inspection. A 2D vision system accurately locates the position of the glue bead on the part surface and detects gaps and measures its width with high accuracy. As an alternative solution, a 3D laser displacement sensor mounted on a robot on in a fixed position, calculates the RTV bead volume around the perimeter of the engine block to ensure the correct amount of RTV has been dispensed. Automating the inspection of seal integrity can eliminate costly engine recalls.

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