Reagent Track and Trace

Image-based barcode readers improve reagent barcode read rates and enable both 1D and 2D code reading

Cognex blood vial Track and Trace via barcodes

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Modern diagnostics laboratories need to track every sample to ensure tests are linked to the correct patient. Ensuring process quality is critical as laboratory throughput increases. Laboratories demand higher 1D reagent barcode reading rates, and when they transition to serialization with 2D codes to track samples, they require solutions that are fast, reliable, and easy to set up.

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Image-based barcode readers improve read rates and enable both 1D and 2D code reading, which ensures quality in diagnostic laboratories and facilitates successful serialization to track samples more effectively. For the same reason high-speed factories and logistics customers use Cognex, laboratory automation customers use Cognex solutions to quickly and reliably read any code. Even if 2D codes are not yet necessary for certain applications, Cognex barcode readers can be quickly and cost-effectively upgraded to read 2D matrix codes when needed.

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