2D Code Reading on Smartphone Components

Read identifying codes on speakers, receivers, and SIM cards for end-to-end traceability

2D Code reading on smartphone components

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Smartphone assembly has many small components that need to be traced and verified throughout the manufacturing process. This can include components such as the speaker, receiver, and SIM card to name a few. These components will have a laser-marked 2D code that can sometimes be difficult to read with traditional vision or barcode readers.

Laser-marked codes can have low contrast or flawed or hard to read letters. Sometimes the area where they are read is subject to vibration, which increases reading difficulty, particularly at the short cycle time required.

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DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers easily and reliably read 2D codes on these small components thanks to fast read rates, powerful decoding algorithms such as PowerGrid technology, and high dynamic range (HDR) technology that increases contrast and highlights hidden details. If additional optical character recognition (OCR) capability is required, or manufacturers need to combine barcode reading with other inspections, then an In-Sight vision system with HDR+ technology reliably reads OCR codes even under poor lighting conditions.

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