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Tax Stamp Detection

Inspect cigarette packs to ensure the right tax stamps are present and correctly applied

Cigarette Tax Stamp Detection insight identifies missing tax stamp

Cigarette tax stamps are adhesive, decorative labels that are placed on cigarette packs as evidence of a tobacco tax payment. Tax stamps make up approximately three quarters of the cost of cigarettes. Tobacco manufacturers pay up front for each tax stamp and any manufacturing or distribution errors after tax stamps are applied significantly impact manufacturers’ bottom line. Therefore, they must pay close attention to ensure the right cigarette tax stamps are present and correctly applied. To add to the complexity, numerous tax stamps have different designs and colors that need to be monitored. Also, the reflective surfaces of the pack wrapping and the low contrast markings on the stamps can be challenging to inspect.

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Cognex vision sensors offer tobacco manufacturers an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to this important inspection. Using edge, contrast, color, and pixel count tools, In-Sight 2000 vision sensors locate and distinguish the features of the stamp then communicate the pass/fail results to the PLC. Integrated lighting provides the necessary contrast to inspect shiny and low contrast features. Accurately completing this inspection at production line speeds avoids rework, costly waste, and unwanted returns. In-Sight 2000 vision inspections are easy to set up and maintain using In-Sight Explorer software with the EasyBuilder configuration environment.

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