Label and Packaging Inspection

Correct printing errors and analyze no-read events to ensure readability throughout the supply chain

Cognex vision validates presence and integrity of codes of pill bottles

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Manufacturers must diagnose and correct errors in the code marking process as they happen. This is essential for preventing machine assists and downtime and ensuring that codes can be read by other readers in the product distribution chain.

Cognex vision systems validate the presence, accuracy, and readability of codes applied to labels or marked directly onto products, flagging defects and those printed outside the field of view. Vision systems also verify a product’s contents match its label. In the case of no-read events, vision tools analyze archived images to reveal the underlying cause, whether it be low-contrast printing, faulty placement, or damage.

Key benefits include:
  • Catches missing, flagged, and damaged labels
  • Error-proofs the print/apply process
  • Identifies poorly printed and damaged codes on labels and protects against print quality degradation
  • Ensures label integrity
  • Diagnoses and corrects errors as they happen
  • Reveals causes of failure in post-processing of no-read images
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