High-speed Barcode Reading

Maximize food and beverage product manufacturing efficiency and throughput

High speed barcode reading

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Food and beverage manufacturers use a 1D or 2D barcode to simplify identification and data capture. Labels located on various sides of packages often need to be read in rapid succession, simultaneously and from extreme angles. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers must be able to read codes quickly and accurately for maximum efficiency and throughput. But codes can be degraded, damaged, missing vital elements, or marked on curved or shiny surfaces that make them hard to read. This can result in delayed production, costly reprints, wasted product, and chargebacks.

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Cognex image-based barcode readers use patented decoding algorithms to quickly and reliably decipher codes on high-speed lines, multiple sides of packages, at extreme angles, and from extended ranges. Cognex barcode readers decode even the most damaged, distorted, blurred, or low-contrast barcodes, delivering industry-leading 99.9% read rates. With a large depth-of-field and wide field-of-view, Cognex barcode readers can even read multiple codes simultaneously. Reading multiple barcodes within a large field of view is imperative in serialization, product packing, and traceability applications.

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