Date/Lot Code Inspection

Meet label requirements and ensure consumer safety

Cognex in-sight reading date-lot code on food packaging on conveyor belt

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Date and lot codes, batch codes, and expiration dates are required on food and beverage products to identify when and where a product was made. Items are marked with these codes early in the production process for quality control and traceability. These codes often combine 1D symbologies and plain text to encode information about the batch and manufacturing date. Optical character recognition (OCR) is used for reliable process control, helping manufacturers meet labeling requirements and ensure consumer safety. Quality inspections must verify that the codes are present and printed correctly to ensure traceability and more easily manage product recalls.

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In-Sight vision systems with OCRMax technology detects the presence or absence of date and lot codes and verifies that its chain of numbers and letters is correct. For challenging OCR including laser-engraved, dot peen, or chemically-etched DPM text, Cognex AI-powered OCR tools ensure codes are accurately read and verified. These tools decipher deformed, skewed, and poorly etched characters using OCR and optical character verification (OCV). The pretrained, omni-font library identifies most text without additional programming or font training.

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