Multi-Code Reading in Large Field of View

Accurately read codes on small electronic parts to improve traceability

Multi-code large FOV reading

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Large numbers of integrated circuit (IC) chips, other small electronic components, or flexible printed circuits (FPC) contain 2D codes that are used to identify and track the parts throughout the assembly process. Because the codes on the components are small, travel at high speeds on the production line, and can potentially warp, they are more challenging to read.

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The fastest and most efficient way to read these codes is to present a large array of components in a tray, either on a conveyor or presented by a robot, and read all the codes simultaneously.

High-resolution, high-speed DataMan fixed mount barcode readers allow multiple codes to be read or decoded with a single device, saving the expense of extra readers. DataMan readers can read more than 90 2D Data Matrix codes within the field of view (FOV) and decode in approximately 1000 ms for the combined batch of codes.

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