Golden Pose Alignment

Cognex vision-enabled alignment brings parts to a pretrained ideal location

Golden Pose Alignment

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OLED manufacturers require vision-guided motion control to align parts to a pre-trained ideal location, or golden pose. This is known as golden pose alignment and is important for both the pre-alignment of many electronic hardware modules and sub-assemblies, as well as the fine alignment of OLED displays during cover glass screen printing.

Cognex offers electronic hardware and OLED display manufacturers golden pose alignment capabilities with its high-precision, multi-camera solution, AlignPlus. AlignPlus aligns components to a pre-trained golden pose using unified multi-camera and motion system calibration. AlignPlus works by acquiring robust feature locations from single or multiple cameras with tools such as PatMax and LineMax which are then combined with Auto-Calibration technology. Results are then translated to calibrated motion coordinates for micron-level accuracy golden pose alignment.

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Cover Glass Screen Printing

In OLED display manufacturing, the cover glass is screen-printed to create a solid border and create a nearly rimless design. This process requires golden pose alignment. Screen printing alignment is normally achieved in a multi-step closed loop process that increases cycle time.

Cognex’s AlignPlus multi-camera alignment solution:
  • Speeds up the golden pose alignment process while also increasing accuracy  
  • Uses unique robot-camera calibration and alignment tools to align the cover glass to a golden pose while the mask and roller remain in a fixed location 
  • Completes alignment in fewer movements and with higher precision 
  • Compensates for extremely small systematic linear and non-linear sources of stage error during its patented calibration process
  • Simplifies cover glass machine integration 
  • Eliminates the need for custom-engineered vision systems


Pre-alignment is a discrete step in the alignment process, used to ensure that the alignment target falls into the field of view of the fine alignment cameras. This type of coarse alignment corrects for errors during the presentation of materials to the machine during loading or in-feeding. Traditionally, mechanical stops or guides were employed for this purpose. However, to prevent damaging components, machine builders are moving tovision systems to complete this task.

Using machine vision algorithms and patented calibration, AlignPlus:
  • Performs golden pose alignment repeatedly and accurately during the pre-alignment process
  • Corrects for the initial presentation of parts
  • Prevents damage to thinner and fragile OLED displays

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