Coating Quality Inspection

Machine vision inspection helps standardize quality and ensure continuous, even coating

Electrode EV Battery Coating Quality Inspection

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Combines artificial intelligence with In-Sight vision systems and VisionPro software to automate complex inspection applications.

All lithium-ion cell manufacturers rely upon high-performance battery electrodes as the building blocks of their products. Coated cathode and anode electrode materials must be manufactured to exacting standards in order to meet strict energy performance, density, and storage requirements. The coated electrode sheets used in cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic battery cells must undergo coating quality inspection after the roll pressing stage. Changes in an operation’s clean status and motion status can produce different defects, including:

  • Decarburization
  • Bubbling
  • Craters
  • Holes
  • Dark points
  • Air bubbles
  • Tape splicing
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Automated inspections with machine vision help standardize quality and ensure continuous, even coating. Cognex Industrial Line Scan Cameras (CIC) in line scan formats are ideal for “web” surface inspections to ensure that the film substrate is coated evenly with copper and aluminum. With line scan imagers available from 500 to 8000 pixels per line—and some even able to match high speed line acquisition rates of 67,000 lines per second—the latest generation of line scan cameras generate all the power necessary for applications that formerly required a cluster of high-resolution vision imagers. These attributes make line scan cameras an excellent choice for capturing target objects in continuous or discrete web inspections on fast-moving production lines.

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