All-in-one vision system solves all your vision needs

High speed, high resolution, high flexibility. The In-Sight 3800 has it all.

This advanced vision system provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use, solution for automated inspections. Embedded with a full set of robust rule-based tools and innovative edge learning technology, In-Sight 3800 solves a wide range of manufacturing applications, from defect detection and assembly verification to character reading and more. It also enables you to:

  • Run more inspections in less timeMaximize throughput with high-speed processing and quick setup
  • Improve the accuracy of your results – Generate high-contrast, high-resolution images that detect even the most subtle defects
  • Seamlessly scale your solution – Solve jobs, from easy to complex, using a common software platform

Accommodate the fastest line speeds and optimize throughput

Lead with speed. With twice the processing power of previous vision systems, the In-Sight 3800 offers ultimate performance for any manufacturing application. Fast tool speeds keep pace with your operations, enabling you to increase throughput and get the most out of your automated solution.

Automate in minutes with edge learning technology

In-Sight 3800 is embedded with innovative edge learning tools that bring the power of AI to everyone. The tools allow beginners and experts alike to deploy reliable automation through simple, example-based training. Leveraging pre-trained algorithms, edge learning solves a variety of classification and text reading applications from presence/absence detection to multi-class sortation and advanced optical character reading.

Deploy proven rule-based tools for more advanced jobs

In addition to edge learning tools, In-Sight 3800 offers a comprehensive set of rule-based tools. The tools can be used individually or combined, giving users the ability to leverage the best of traditional, rule-based vision and AI technology. The rule-based tool set allows you to measure distance and blobs, count pixels and patterns, read codes, guide robots, perform math and logic, and more.

Meet higher quality standards with powerful image formation

Capture high-resolution images of any product in any environment. Multi-color lighting (RGBW and IR) optimizes image formation, maximizing contrast and illumination, regardless of operating conditions. Simply click a button in In-Sight Vision Suite to change the light color and generate high-resolution images for more accurate inspections.

Push the boundaries of HDR

High-dynamic range plus (HDR+) extends the capabilities of HDR technology by automatically enhancing contrast. This creates a more uniformed and more detailed image in a single acquisition, and allows you to see features that were not visible before. HDR+ also reduces exposure times, which enables you to accommodate faster line speeds.

Address a range of applications – from simple to complex – with flexible development options

In-Sight 3800 runs off of In-Sight Vision Suite software, which is common across all In-Sight products, and offers two development environments –EasyBuilder® and spreadsheet. The intuitive EasyBuilder interface is ideal for building simple or common jobs, while the robust spreadsheet interface is well-suited for building complex or highly customized applications.

In-Sight Vision Suit spreadsheet and EasyBuilder interfaces
Exploded diagram of In-Sight 3800 modular components and accessories

Adapt your solution as your needs evolve with scalable hardware

Handle variation with ease. In addition to software flexibility, the In-Sight 3800 vision system offers modular hardware. Field-changeable components allow you to modify the solution to address various application settings and custom requirements. This enables you to adapt to changing demands, including part changeovers, higher quality standards, and faster fulfillment.


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