High Speed Steerable Mirror

Solves large field of view applications

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The High Speed Steerable Mirror (HSSM) attached to the DataMan 470 fixed-mount barcode reader provides a high-performance, cost-effective solution for large field of view applications. Previously, pallet scanning, aggregation, and large area scanning functions required expensive, high-resolution PC-vision, or two or more smart cameras to successfully read the high volume and variation of barcodes.

HSSM provides:

  • Greater coverage
  • 10x resolution
  • Faster installation and speed
  • Increased productivity

The high accuracy HSSM transforms 3MP and 5MP barcode readers to an effective resolution greater than a 50MP sensor. This makes the mirror ideal for large field of view applications which often have shorter working distances and high variability like pharmaceutical aggregation and scanning pallets in logistics operations.

HSSM comes with a built-in web-based setup wizard allowing operators to deploy an application in 5 minutes or less. The user simply enters in their application specifications and the wizard automatically calculates the optimal scanning pattern. This ensures the highest read rates in the shortest cycle times.

DataMan 470 equipped with high-speed steerable mirror scans packaging on conveyor belt


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