Printing and Applying Internal Tracking Labels

Ensure all incoming product conform to your facility’s barcode standards

print and apply label reading with cognex dataman

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In some e-commerce and retail distribution facilities, labels are created for incoming vendor goods to ensure the label on the box meets the operational standards of the facility. The process requires tracking labels to be accurately printed and applied to ensure each item is sorted and routed correctly. Label machines can occasionally print a bad label, or the machine may not affix the label correctly to the package. Smudged, wrinkled, flagged, or improperly placed labels lower read rates and lead to costly manual rework, delayed shipments, and even fines.

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Using a top-sided reading tunnel featuring Cognex DataMan 370 or DataMan 470 image-based barcode readers after the label application process can help verify that labels are correct. Cognex top side barcode tunnels use advanced algorithms to achieve 99.9% read rates – even if codes are damaged or smudged. With code quality metrics, DataMan barcode readers flag poor quality codes for immediate resolution, before they make their way into the sortation process This in turn diverts the problematic packages for immediate rework avoiding jams, misreads, mis-sorts, or other issues downstream. In addition, for example, if codes are consistently misapplied or wrinkled, the code grading from the readers allows facility managers to identify and fix printer errors to minimize problems downstream.

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