Enhance your manufacturing machines and automated assembly lines with innovative machine vision, image-based barcode reading, and AI-based technology

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The most cost-effective way to integrate Cognex vision and ID technology into your machine for volume applications.

As an equipment manufacturer or systems integrator, your machines and automation equipment are your reputation. Partnering with quality technology providers is essential to delivering the best solutions for your customers. Leading OEM machine builders and systems integrators rely on Cognex’s wide range of world-class machine vision systems and solutions to build vision-enabled automation equipment. We help deliver on your promise of quality, innovation, and efficiency. Like you, we have our eyes on the future as we stay on top of industry trends, develop innovative technology that leads the machine vision industry, and provide results data that powers more insightful decision-making as the manufacturing world evolves to a connected “smart” factory environment.

Five Things Machine Builders and OEMs Should Look for in a Machine Vision Partner

  • Industry Expertise
  • Innovative Technology/Solutions
  • Ease-of-Integration
  • Edge Intelligence
  • Global Service and Support

Are you looking for a machine vision partner who understands the needs of machine builders and systems integrators? We welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure that your solutions help your customers solve their manufacturing challenges.

Regardless of the industry you serve, Cognex provides a broad portfolio of best-in-class machine vision, barcode reading, and AI-based technologies that will take your automation equipment to the next level through repeatable, robust, and reliable gauging, inspection, guidance, and identification capabilities.

Through the power of Cognex machine vision technology and the valuable digital data it generates, machine builders and automation integrators help their customers increase quality and reduce scrap through advanced inspection capabilities, increase traceability by reading and verifying both 1D and 2D barcodes and alphanumeric characters, and improve efficiency through robotic automation. Cognex supplies our OEM, machine builder, and systems integrator partners with inspection, guidance, and identification solutions for virtually all manufacturing industry sectors.

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