The In-Sight 2800 Detector provides an easy to use, quick to deploy solution for item detection and classification in high-throughput environments. Combining innovative edge learning technology, on-board processing, and integrated lighting, this fully embedded sensor allows logistics facilities of all size to:

  • Expand operational intelligence
  • Improve inspection accuracy
  • Identify process issues

Flexibility for a range of applications

The In-Sight 2800 Detector handles process variation with ease including different item types and background conditions.

Item Detection

In-Sight 2800 detecting object on any background

Detect presence/absence of any object on any background

Item Sortation

In-Sight 2800 sorting images into classes based on characteristics

Sort images into classes by user-defined characteristics

Process Issue Detection

In-Sight 2800 detecting dirty trays and stuck labels

Detect handling issues like dirty trays, conveyance jams, and stuck labels

Out-of-the-box setup in under 15 minutes

Optimize images in a click

Images being easily optimized

Train with a few examples

In-Sight 2800 being trained

Deploy on the line

In-Sight 2800 being deployed

Powered by innovative edge learning technology

The In-Sight 2800 Detector is embedded with powerful edge learning tools that leverage AI-based technology to process images on-device, or “at the edge” of where the data originates, delivering fast, accurate results.

Supports a wide range of item and background variation

In-Sight 2800 detecting background variation

Avoid false detections from stuck labels and damaged or dirty carriers.

Integrate into any sortation line

In-Sight 2800 being integrated into three sortation lines

Handle a variety of sortation scenarios involving tilt trays, bombays, cross belts, roller or rubber conveyors.

Setup directly on device

In-Sight 2800 being setup directly on device

No external hardware or advanced programming required.

Simple and flexible to use

In-Sight 2800 flexible setup

No vision knowledge required and easy to adapt.


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