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Handheld Barcode Scanners

DataMan 8050 Series Handheld Barcode Reader

High-speed performance, even with challenging barcodes

DataMan 8000 Series Handheld Barcode Reader Industrial Accessories

Ethernet Communication Module:

The Ethernet Module supports Industrial Protocols: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, MC Protocol, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP and FTP

Serial Communication Module:

The Serial Module supports RS-232, USB and PS/2 connectivity.

Wireless Communication Module and Intelligent Base Station:

The Wireless Module is paired with an Intelligent Base Station (pictured) which supports RS-232, USB and Ethernet (TCP/IP and FTP) connectivity.

Wall Mount Bracket:

The bracket has a custom holder specially designed for the DataMan 8000 series readers. The wall mount bracket includes a pair of nuts/bolts for metal frame mounting and wood screws for wall mounting.

Presentation Stand:

The stand has a flexible weighted base and flexible neck to provide optimal presentation and storage positioning. The presentation stand attaches to the Wall Mount Bracket which is custom designed for the DataMan 8000 series readers.

Overhead Retractor:

The overhead pulley attaches to the latch plate built into the DataMan 8000 series ID reader to allow for it to be suspended over equipment.

Spare Battery:

The spare battery for the wireless module provides eight hours of charge during normal operation and is charged and stored within the Intelligent Base Station, as pictured.

Coiled Ethernet Cable, 5m

Rubber Sleeve for corrosive environments

Wall mount bracket for intelligent base station

Multi-bank battery Charger

Industrial Duralon RS-232 cable for corrosive environments

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