The DataMan 475VS series offers robust grading algorithms, diagnostic tools, and reporting options for offline barcode verification. The adjustable stand and built-in software focusing feature provide users with an easy, fast, and accurate way to present labels and parts.

DataMan 475V DPM barcode verifier mounted on to an adjustable height stand
DM475VS verifier on stand

three models of DataMan 475VS series barcode readers

Label: 45-degree lighting for flat, printed, codes.

three models of DataMan 475VS series barcode readers

DPM: 30-, 45-, and 90-degree lighting angles to illuminate a wide variety of surfaces.

three models of DataMan 475VS series barcode readers

High Definition (HD): Capable of verifying minuscule codes as small as 1 mil in size.

Always be positioned for verification

Expedite code verification on a variety of part sizes with the adjustable stand, compatible with all models. The optional extension arm allows parts up to 17.7” tall to fit under the verifier.

Examples of adjustable height stand with and without optional extension arm attachment to increase the maximum part height from 5.5 inches to 17.7 inches

Easily focus for accurate verification results

The Focus Feedback software tool guides users on precisely how to adjust the height of the stand to properly focus the verifier. Visual confirmation is given when the code is in focus, so users never have to second guess the accuracy of their verifier.

Images of blurry 2d barcodes paired with color-coded arrows showing how to position verifier; focused 2d barcode paired with a green check mark to show the verifier is well-positioned


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