E-cigarette Filter Rod Inspection

Inspect filters to ensure e-cigarettes are free of particulate and harmful debris

E-cigarette Filter Rod Inspection

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In-Sight 8000

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During the automated assembly process, particulate can collect in e-cigarette or cigarette filter rods. The machines have very little space for cameras and lighting which makes detecting debris challenging. E-cigarette manufacturing machines run at very high speed, allowing only 5-10 ms to inspect each part for debris.

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The compact, yet powerful In-Sight 8000 series vision system inspects e-cigarettes to help tobacco manufacturers ensure their products are free of harmful debris. The In-Sight 8402, with an external bar light, easily fits in the machine, evenly illuminates the inspection area, and checks the filters. Since the area of interest is so small, narrowing the vision system’s field of view (FOV) provides the 2MP In-Sight 8402 with the extra resolution needed to clearly identify flaws while keeping up with the high-speed machine. Like all In-Sight products, the In-Sight 8000 series is quickly and easily set up and deployed using In-Sight Explorer software with the intuitive EasyBuilder configuration environment.

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