Manufacturing Cost Reduction and Process Optimization

vision guided robotic arm car door assembly and inspection
Challenging economic conditions and tough competition make production errors and waste unacceptable. Machine vision technology can help you reduce manufacturing costs and optimize processes.

Minimize scrap and rework: By networking vision systems throughout production to catch defects at the source and potentially prevent errors altogether, manufacturers can minimize scrap and costly rework.

Ethernet provides higher-level computing systems access to plant floor data and allows intelligent control devices such as vision systems and image-based barcode readers to share information for tasks such as managing inventory, automating production line changeovers, and eliminating waste—all of which reduce costs.

Process control and supply chain management: If profit margins are narrow, reduced manufacturing and supply chain costs can often be the difference between profit and loss.
  • Improve management of work in process
  • Reduce inventory
  • Optimize availability and use of production tools

Minimize distribution of non-conforming products: Scalability, low cost and easy deployment enable manufacturers to incorporate machine vision systems and industrial image-based barcode readers as part of the production process itself. This technology helps to catch and correct assembly errors before scrap is made or reject flawed parts before adding value by further processing.

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