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Barcode readers identify codes at the cleaning and gluing, module testing, and pack system assembly stages

EV Battery Module & Pack System Bulk Code Reading

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At the module and pack (M&P) assembly stage, it is essential for EV battery manufacturers and automotive makers to read the standard 2D markings on metal and plastic modules to make sure the right battery module is picked by the robot and deposited into the correct tray. It can be difficult to do this because of the shiny, reflective surface of the battery modules’ casings.

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Module Testing

The DataMan 262 can accurately read the 2D DataMatrix codes on the sides of battery modules. It is well-suited for small and compact applications, such as reading individual codes one at a time during the cleaning and gluing process. The PowerGrid algorithm helps the reader see the code even when it is not fully illuminated or is printed on a shiny surface. In cases where a barcode reader needs to read a large array of codes simultaneously, the DataMan 470 offers a powerful solution to multiple code reading with its large field of view.

Pack System Assembly

DataMatrix codes on a paper label function as the master code of a completed EV battery pack, encoding all the information about it in case of future failure. The label confirms that the battery has been through the QA process and provides full traceability as the battery flows into general assembly. Scanning it is the final step before it leaves the battery plant and gets checked into the warehouse by the automotive manufacturer. Cognex handheld barcode readers are built with a rugged, modular housing that is ideal for this stage of production. Fully-assembled EV battery packs are read again a final time before they are assembled into vehicles.

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