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Four Key Reasons to Use Line Scan Vision Camera Technology

In line scan technology, the image of the object being inspected is built pixel line by pixel line as the object moves past the camera. This requires the movement to be tracked with an encoder to build the image correctly and the exposure times to be incredibly small. Here are four reasons why a line scan vision camera may be right for your production line:

  1. You can “unwrap” cylindrical objects for inspection. This is valuable functionality for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. After unwrapping, tools can then be used to make fill levels inspections, label application inspections, date & lot code reading, safety seal inspections, and checking the size uniformity of objects.
  2. You can add vision to space-constrained environments. This is important for many industries, including electronics and pharmaceuticals. Since the image is built a single pixel line at a time, you can set up in confined spaces because the camera needs to only see a sliver of the whole object as it moves past.
  3. You can meet high-resolution inspection requirements. High resolution inspection is critical in most tech-oriented industries. You can use line scan vision cameras to inspect and identify large products and also perform multiple code & text reading.
  4. You can easily inspect objects in continuous motion. This functionality is especially appealing to consumer and food products manufacturers. It allows you to perform inspections on high-speed packaging lines and conveyors and easily verify codes and text.

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