In-Sight Vision Suite



Part Number: TRN-VS-CGNX-STD

In-Sight Vision Suite is ideal for building advanced and highly customized applications. Robust in design, this development environment provides users with the ability to make critical adjustments to job parameters, without the need for programming. It enables you to quickly set up and run jobs and continue to adapt applications as your requirements evolve.

Edge learning is a subset of AI that uses a pre-trained set of algorithms to solve vision tasks in minutes. Training is simple, requiring as few as 5 to 10 example images with no advanced programming or AI expertise required. Powered by edge learning, ViDi EL tools help you automate and scale inspection applications. These innovative tools deliver fast processing speeds to increase throughput, keep pace with your operations, and deliver fast, reliable results in real-time.

The In-Sight Vision Suite class teaches the basic topics of how to configure a vision application using the spreadsheet programming environment and user interface. It gives new In-Sight Vision Suite users an overview of the hardware and software used by In-Sight Vision Systems. With the focus on getting the most from the In-Sight Vision Suite spreadsheets interface, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application using spreadsheet programming best practices.  

Continuing Education Units

Cognex’s Education Services has been recognized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as an Accredited provider of CEUs.

Participants will earn 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after successful completion of this training event provided they are an active participant throughout the training event, and are in attendance for 100% of the training event’s designated training hours.


Training Manuals

Presentation Manual

Lab Exercise Manual


In-Sight 23.1.0



At the end of this training event, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to connect the In-Sight camera to a network
  • Navigate through a spreadsheet
  • Create basic mathematical formulas involving If & And functions
  • Implement fixturing in an In-Sight job
  • Implement the core vision tools, including pattern recognition, histogram, blob, edge tools, and ViDi EL tools
  • Describe the purpose and methods of calibration
  • Describe different forms of communication: discrete I/O and network communications
  • Create a Custom View in a job
  • Explain the fundamentals of Lighting and Optics
  1. Familiarity with Microsoft® Windows® environment
  1. Hardware and Connections
  2. Software Overview and Image Acquisition
  3. PatMax Redline & Logic
  4. Histogram and Edges
  5. Blob and Image Tools
  6. Error Handling, Cell State and Calibration
  7. Digital I/O and Network Communication
  8. ViDi EL Tools
  9. Operator Interface and WebHMI 
  10. Deployment
  11. Lighting and Optics
  12. Final Project



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